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If you're still looking for college options outside of the criminal justice area, you can consider other fields of study that are offered locally, colleges in other cities that you would have to move to, or focus on schools that deliver the classes online.

Web design is an interesting field. Most areas of web design don't call for a strong knowledge of coding or computer science, it usually just requires a little knowledge in a few different areas. It can be a pretty fun and interesting career choice. And you can find classes offered in classrooms or online. Web design is one area that is well-suited to online courses. Learn more.

The same can be said for business administration and management studies. You don't need to be the smartest person in the room to graduate with a general business degree either. You just need to be pretty good in a few different areas. Business is also a field that is well-suited to online learning. Find out more about online and campus business administration and management choices.

If you want to leave town and move to where it's warm all year round, you can consider Florida, Texas, Nevada or Southern California. Los Angeles offers some speciality schools that most other cities do not, such as in the areas of music, theater, film and culinary arts.

And Nevada has Las Vegas. Attending college in Las Vegas offers some fairly unique employment and recreation opportunities. Check out Nevada colleges and schools.

And you could always consider heading across the border into Canada and enrolling in one of their fine colleges. Some of the Canadian schools are great, and American high school students often overlook them. Check out those Canadian schools.

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Additional course choices to check out college courses in majors including fashion, journalism, advertising and physics.
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