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If there isn't a school in your town that offers the right criminal justice program you are looking for, you may be able to find an online school that does. Colleges and speciality online schools are delivering more and more classes and complete degree programs through online study. Check out online college options.

Or if there isn't a good school available to you with the right criminal justice program, you could switch majors. You could switch to business. You could do a lot worse than graduate with a bachelor's degree in business. Granted, business isn't for everybody. It's hard to find students who are wildly enthusiastic about their business major, while it's easy to find students in arts or music who are, but business is a practical degree. It can easily lead to a job, which leads to a career, which leads to money and stability. Learn more about attending business classes.

And business classes and degrees are available through online study as well. Check that out

But in the end, you may discover that the typical college choices just aren't interesting. Then you may find yourself enrolling at your local trade school. There are some great programs, such as HVAC repair, electrician, plumbing, construction or car mechanic that might be just what you're looking for.

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