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You can study criminal justice at many of the schools in the USA. Just be aware that there are many different career areas that fall into the general criminal justice category. Some technical schools may offer a one-year program in criminal justice that prepares students for applying at a local law enforcement agency or private company, but applying for a position with the secret service is going to take a four-year degree in criminal justice or another related major.

You should be able to find a campus that works for your situation. It doesn't matter if you live in Texas or Washington state or even Canada, there should be a school that you can enroll at and get you started.

But if you aren't sure if criminal justice is your future, you should at least consider a few other options. If there isn't any other subject that really interests you, you should still take a look at some of the other popular careers such as teaching, business, information technology, sales, and all of the trade services.

If you like computers and information technology in general, you may find and IT job a pretty good fit. IT and computer science are often great careers to get into (see IT schools).

The same can be said for many different areas of business. Accounting is a great field if it works with your strengths (see Other business majors such as finance are as well.

You owe it to yourself to check these different fields out before you make the big decision of applying.

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